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Wycombe Pubs 1750 - 1915

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Local History


Judson's Street Directory lists the 86 pubs in central Wycombe in 1875.

Dr.H.D.Coltman lists most references to the pubs in the Wycombe area from 1750 to 1915.

In this note we aim to identify those outside Judson's area and to determine if any had changed names before 1875 or between 1875 and 1915 and also to locate any closed before 1875 or opened between 1875 and 1915.

Some street names have changed as apparently Easton St. was High St. before about 1840 while Temple End used to be Frogmoor St.

Addresses not in Judson in central Wycombe marked @ . Those in the Directory outside the central area are shown with an asterisk. *

Of the 86 pubs in Judson's High Wycombe Street Directory, 54 are shown as such on the maps and the locations of the Black Swan, Chair Van, Dove Cote, Mason's Arms, Saw Mill and World's End are known. Maps to follow. PG

From their street numbers,18 other locations are estimated although the positions of the Rising Sun and the Keep Within Compasses in Saffron Platt are uncertain and 8 (as shown in brackets) are beyond the edges of the map.

Regarding the Bull, it is shown in Judson at 9, Bull Lane, with the pub at 14, White Hart St. called the Bull and Mouth. However, the O.S.map of 1877 shows the pub at the corner of Bull Lane and White Hart St.as the Bull. Possibly the two were amalgamated in about 1877. The precise location of the Bull and Mouth is not known, although it must have been one of the 3 buildings between Rosa Place and the Bull. The pub in Bowdrey's Lane given in Judson in error as the Prince of Wales is the Prince Albert.

The List of Pubs 1750 - 1915

A 19th Century Trip Round Wycombe Pubs

Judson's 1875 High Wycombe Street Directory

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