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Totteridge in Temple Manor Court Rolls

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Local History

(Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies Document D/BASM/87/1)

Extracts from the 'Totteridge' Document in geographical order

Original document in chronological order

All place names in the abstracts from the Court Rolls of Temple Manor High Wycombe made in about 1730 (Bucks.C.R.O. document D/BASM/87/1) are listed, firstly those from Terriers to Loudwater in geographical sequence, followed by places outwith this area in alphabetical sequence but divided into known and unknown sites.

TAWYERS (Terriers)

1532 Wm. Shrimpton died owning a messuage &2 yard lands.
1541 An alienation of Tawyers.
1543 Wm. Chalfont : 17sh. yearly rent for messuage & lands which he lately purchased.
1576 Henry Copland (son of Christopher) held 1 cottage & 1 acre of wood called Tawyers Ground between a common wood called Kingswood and a tenement called Highfield of the rent of 1sh.?
1576 Thos.Widmore is tenant for Blackmore, otherwise Tawyers.
1577 Thos. Widmore presented for Blackmore Lands, otherwise Tawyers & Henry Copland for a cottage called Tawyers.
1620 Richard Widmer Esq. held one messuage or tenement called Tawyers & 20 acres of land & one cottage where Wm. Fryer lately dwelt & 16 acres of land.
1664 Wm. Parker held 1 messuage & certain lands called Tawyers at yearly rent of 1sh.6d.
John Hall who held a messuage & certain lands called Tarriers had died.


1543 Henry Dean surrendered 1 messuage & 1 yard land & other lands to his wife Agnes as long as she did not marry again.
1545 Andrew Dean granted a lycence to let his customary messuage called Little Totteridge.
1551 Agnes Dean surrenders and releases her dower in Little Totterige.
1567 The Lord granted to John (probably Dean) 1 messuage & certain lands called Little Totterige to use.
1582 John Dean died owning 1 messuage & 1 yard land & Henry Dean is his son & heir.Henry Dean & his wife Edith surrendered a messuage & several lands to Wm. Skydmore & his heirs.
1588 A reference to 1546 to Andrew Dean at Little Totterige. TOTTERIDGE as a Surname
1380 Robert Totteridge is elected to an unspecified office. In 1396 he is fined and John Totteridge fined for cutting wood in the Lordís woods.
1399 Robert Totterugg hath felled wood in his tenement and committed wastgo.
1403, John son of Robert Totterugge fined. Catharaine, the wife of Richard Totterugge demised her dower to Richard Sandwell for 2 years without lycence and the bailiff was commanded to seize. Robert Totterugge demised to Richard Keel (N.B.Mayor in 1393) a piece of land in White Field Robert, William & John Totterugge fined 2d. apiece.
A tenement late of Robert & Richard Totterugg with the kovenon (covenant?) of the dower which Katharine, the wife of Richard, holds for her life,granted to John Fowler.
Richard & John, sons of Robert Totterugg,are named.
1495 Wm. Shrimpton admitted to a messuage & 1 yard land late in the tenure of Robert Totterige.


Properties named Totteridge and Kingswood must be considered together as they are close. It is possible that over the period of 400 years covered by the document a house called Totteridge could at another time be called Kingswood.
The document covers a band of land from Terriers to the Marsh and Loudwater, and early in the 20th century there were 6 farms there ;-
A farm 120 yards south of Terriers cross-roads probably called Little Totteridge, Highfield Farm 250 yards north of the Dolphin,
Totteridge Farm associated with Totteridge House,
Hicks Farm at the junction of Hatters Lane & Totteridge Lane.,
A farm on the west side of Hatters Lane some 300 yards south of Hicks Farm. This may have been Hutts as Hutts Lane becomes Hutters hence Hatters Lane,
Micklefield Farm south-east of Kingswood.

There are no references in the document to the 16th century Hicks Farm and as it is close to the wood may have been known as Kingswood. There were definitely two significant houses called Totteridge and Kingswood in 1498 as two Wm. Shrimptons (father & son) lived there.

Chronological references to land and dwellings under both names are given below:-
1307 Wm. Solverhouse & Cicely his wife took one messuage & 4 crofts of meadow land near the Kings Wood paying 12d.yearly.
1396 Richard Shrimpton fined for cutting wood.
1462 Wm. Shrimpton of Totteridge died holding a messuage, curtilage etc.& 23 acres of land and Richard Shrimpton inherits.
1464 A record that Wm.Shrimpton of Totteridge is a Tything man and fined. This must be Wm.ís son.

1468 Richard Shrimpton of Totteridge is sworn (presumably as constable)
From 1489 to 1498
During this period there are several references to Wm.Shrimpton of Totteridge and Wm.Shrimpton of Kingswood including one of 1498 stating ď Wm. Shrimpton of Totteridge & Wm.Shrimpton of Kingswood are Tythingmen there.Ē The next item says Wm. Shrimpton had died and by 1504 references are to Wm. Shrimpton of Loudwater. A Wm. Shrimpton had died in 1532 surrendering land in Totteridge. It is assumed that William 1st who died in 1462 was the father of William 2nd ,died 1498 who in turn was the father of William 3rd who died in 1532 and the references below to Williams have 2 or 3 added tentatively.

1489,1497 and 1498 Wm.3rd of Kingswood is a Tythingman.
1492 The reference appears to state that Wm.2nd of Totterug reports that Wm.3rd had not paid rent on Shrimptonís Land at Kingswood.
1493 Wm.3rd of Kingswood, described as Wm.Shrimpton Junior, is fined and forfeits his tenement for not repairing it. It was still out of repair in 1497.
1492/3/4/5 Wm. 2nd of Totteridge is a Juryman.
1495 Wm.2nd is admitted to a messuage & one yard land late in tenure of Robert Totterige.
1496/7 Wm. of Totterige is Constable.
1498 Wm.2nd of Totterige & Wm.3rd of Kingswood are Tythingmen there.
Later that year Wm 2nd died.
(In 1504/5 Wm.3rd is referred to as Wm.Shrimpton of Loudwater)
1506 Wm.3rd of Totterige is reported to have obstructed the river at the Marsh. On the same date a rentall shows :-
Wm. Shrimpton of Totteridge 16sh.101/4d. paid to the Prior of St.Johnís Hospital.
The same rentall shows Henry Dean, tenant of Kings Wood, paying £1 9sh.4d. (Henry Dean was later at Little Totteridge)
1532 Wm.3rd died owning a messuage called Tawyers, two tenements and a messuage at Loudwater and two yard lands at Totteridge.
1538 Robert Shrimpton surrenders two yard lands with appurtenances at Totridge to Roger Funge.
1539 Robert Shrimpton dies owning 1 messuage & 2 yards of customary land at Totrugg, then to his wife Martha for life. His next heirs are John Ratcliffe & Geo.Sharfield.
1546 A view of territories & rentall with 10 names including John Rance, Robert Ratcliffe, Wm. Sherfield, Wm. Sexton, Andrew Dean & John Shrimpton.
1551 Richard Ratcliffe & Joanna his wife let toThos. Sexton a messuage & lands called Totrige for 10 years. Joanna died later that year, but according to a reference in 1553, she was a widow at death, so Richard died first. Andrew Deane is at Little Totteridge and surrenders a messuage & 1 yard land called Tottridge & 9 acres in High Fields.
(In 1556 John Ratcliffe died.)
1560 Geo. Sheffield (the other heir-Sherfield-above) died holding 1 messuage& 2 yard lands of copyhold lying at Totteridge. His heirs have a lycence to let. In about 1562 Christopher (blank-presumably Copland) pays 8sh.8d. rentall for 2 crofts in Totteridge.
1567 Le Warde ? House at Totterige is very ruinous & out of repair.
1570 An anonymous reference to one messuage & 2 yard lands & meadow called Totteridge.
1576 Christopher Copland, father of Henry Copland held one messuage & 2 yard lands with their appurtenances called Totterige lying in the several places and form following viz:-
The kitchen, thereof on the west all the lofts and rooms from the hall chimney on the west the malthouse and stable adjoining on the north where stood two bays of barning, the carthouse, the house or court on the south, one croft called Pease Croft adjoining to the said house on the south, halfe the garden adjoining to ye orchard & the house on the south & several other parcells of land--------and that the said lands descended to Henry Copland his son & heir.
Henry Copland is son & heir of Christopher Copland who was free tenant for a cottage & one acre at Kingswood at a rent of 1sh.
Henry Copland surrendered that tenement called Tottridge to use of Wm. Ashford? And his heirs.
1582 Henry Cobland aliened a pightle of land by Kingswood.
1583 John Hutchinson hath felled wood in White Field belonging to Totteridge & fined 5sh.
Constantine Slater ought to make the gate that standeth at the lane end next to Totteridge. Constantine Slater shall make his hedge from his house called Kingswood along the common to Wycombe Field Gate & so down the lane into Wycombe Field & along by Bower Deane and soe by Keys Ground & soe unto his house againe etc. on pain of 10sh.
(The house called Kingswood is clearly the big house on the estate and is probably Totteridge House.)
1602 John Sexton & Henry Welles surrender one messuage and two yard lands with the appurtenances called Totterige.
1612 Robert Hugson & Elizabeth his wife surrender one messuage with the appurtenances and two yard lands called Totterige to use----
1615 Rowland Holt son of John Holt (acting as his fatherís attorny) surrenders all that customary messuage & certain lands called Totterige to the use ---
1617/1620/1628 Wm. Grove of Kingswood is fined.

In 1617 Roger Harris & Thos. Ashbye present a surrender by which George Welles surrenders his messuage or tenement, land,woodland, pasture and common of pasture with appurtenances called Totterige.
1618 One messuage & two yard lands with appurtenances called Totteridge and all other customary lands surrendered---(no names)
George Wells surrenders all that customary messuage or tenement wherein said George now dwells called by the name of Totrige with all houses, outhouses, etc.--- George Wells and Ann his wife surrendered their customary messuages and lands called Tottrige & all other his lands etc. to use---
1620 Roger Harris & Elizabeth his wife surrendered the halfe of one messuage & 2 yard lands with appurtenances called Tottrige & all other their copyhold lands & tenements to use---
1622 Richard Spencer surrendered messuage or tenement & two yard lands called Totterige to use---
1727 Incroachments mentioned at Totterige & Great Totterige inter alia.

Kings Wood
Edge of King's Wood.

HUTTS ( possibly Hatters Lane Farm)

1377 John at Hutte? Hath cut 3 beeches in Kingswood.
1545 Andrew Dean granted a lycence to let customary messuage called Hutts.
1582 Henry Dean, son of John Dean, is aged 21 and makes his fine for certain lands called Totteridge Hutts & Keenes.
1720 & 1727 Hatters Lane is mentioned.


Wm. Micklefield was fined 4 times in 1403, 1410 & 3 times in 1412.
1403 Wm. Micklefield is presented for felling and selling an oake and named twice for not repairing his house.
He was a Juryman in 1403 and in 1428 was elected Constable.
1468 William Sexton permitted his tenement called Micklefield to be out of repair.
1545 William Sexton surrendered a messuage & yard land called Micklesfield.
1546 A reference to the 1545 entry.

GOMMS LAND This would be Gomms Farm up Cock Lane.

1399 A tenement called Gomms Land is granted to THOS. Hornodon with the woods thereto belonging.
1417 Gomms Land is granted to Richard, son of Richard Shrimpton. 1538 John Raign surrendered a messuage & certain lands called Gomms Land.
John Rayne surrendered one messuage & certain parcels of land called Tommyís Land to Wm. Sexton& his heirs & lycence to let for 20 years.
1545 Wm. Sexton surrenders a messuage & land called Gomms.
1546 A reference to Wm. Sexton and Goms.

Kingsmead, Loudwater & the Marsh. In this summary only owners and tenants are listed.


1380 Gyles at Rye was admitted to 2 acres in Kings Meadow.
1495 Wm. Shrimpton---2 acres of meadow inKings Mead.
1498 Wm. Shrimpton died owning 2 acres of customary land in Kings Meade.
1543 Henry Dean surrenders 2 acres in Kings Mead to his wife Agnes as long as she does not remarry.
1545 Wm. Sexton surrenders 2 acres of meadow in Kings Mead.
1546 A reference to Andrew Dean in Kings Mead
1551 Andrew Deane surrenders 2 acres in Kings Mead. Agnes Dean surrenders meadow ground in Kings Mead.
1562 In a rentall Wm. Readhead for an acre in Kings Mead 3d. per annum
Christopher (Copland) for 3 acres in Kings Mead 12d. per annum
1576 Cristopher Copland held half an acre in Great Kings Mead.
1583 Henry Dean & Edith his wife surrender 2 pieces in Kings Mead to use of Wm. Skydmore and his heirs.
1618 Wm. Sexton surrenders certain customary lands called Comes Field containing 12 acres & one acre of meadow called Comes Acre lying in Kings Meade.
Wm. Sexton Senior & Alicia his wife surrender all that close of land with the hedgerows containing 12 acres called Upper Comes Field & 1 acre of pasture ground called Comes Acre lying in the common meade called Kings Meade.

LOWDWATER ( This spelling used throughout)

1403 Nicholas Attolough surrenders a messuage & one yard land with the apportionment late of Richard de Salice (Salisbury?) lying by or near Lowdwater. Granted to John Fowler one yard land in Temple Wycombe Manor by Lowdwater.
1504 & 1505 Wm. Shrimpton of Lowdwater is on the Grand Inquisition.
1505 12 feet of the south end of Lowdwater Mill is build on the Lord of the Mannorís land in tenure of Wm. Shrimpton.
1523 Wm. Shrimpton of Lowdwater is on a jury. John Shrimpton is a Tythingman, Capital Plege in 1526/7/8 and Constable in 1533
1524 A purpresture or stoppage by Symon Eeles & Geo. Landsdale in Lowdwater Ditch.
1527 Wm. Littlepage made a purpresture or stoppage with a tree in the water called Lowdwater and ordered to remove etc.
1528 Geo. Landale ought to make a footbridge at Lowdwater. Wm. Littlepage ordered to remove a tree from the river at Lowdwater.
1532 Wm. Shrimpton died and surrendered a messuage & 2 yard lands at Lowdwater.
1535 Richd. Ratcliffe & Joan his wife lycenced to lease a messuage & one yard land at Lowdwater for 10 years.
1546 A reference to Robert Ratcliffe & Lowdwater.
1551 Joanna Ratcliffe died owning a messuage & land at Lowdwater & Richd. Ratcliffe her husband & tenant gave a fine to the King.
1553 Joanna Ratcliffe widdow of Richd.Ratcliffe died with a messuage & certain lands at Lowdwater.
1556 John Ratcliffe, a copyhold tenant, died with copyhold messuage & certain lands at Lowdwater.
1577 Dean & Chapter of Chichesteróa messuage & land at Lowdwater.
1626 John Gore hath continued inclosed & built upon the Lordís wast at Lowdwater Mill with a garden & parcell of the house called the Mill House & he is fined.
1682 Itís presented that the land, ground and water upon which the south part of the mill called Lowdwater Mill is now standing built together with the walls,bancks, edifers (buildings) & waterworks and part of the millhouse and also the fish and passage eastward to and from the said mill to a certaine meadow called Great Kingsmeade and also the waste lying on the south part of the said mill as then set out belonging to this Mannor & as appears by two leases etc.
1720 Encroachment at Lowdwater Mill.
1727 Encroachment at Lowdwater Mills.

MARISH (the Marsh is thus in the entire document)

1506 Ye watercourse at the Marish near Gowes Mill has been obstructed in its course by the default of Wm. Shrimpton--- he is ordered to remove.
The watercourse at the Marish opposite the tenement of Thos.Ellys was obstructed by Isabella (blank) & she is ordered to remove.
1523 Roger Munday fined for digging in the Marish and in 1532 ordered to fill up a ditch at Neither Marish.
1546 A reference to Nether Marish.
1559 Richard Freer died died seized of one barn & certain lands called Brook Lands (by the Marish) Ė to his eldest son & heir Richard Freer.

       Rentall  Lady Stratton  1 meadow in the Marish  late Cocks         13d.
          ď           ď             ď            ď                         6d.
                Thos. Wellisborn    ď            ď                        14d.
                Richard Penn        ď            ď  called Rye Mead  1sh. 10d.

The following note was added at the time of the original transcription.

In 1703, Lord Shelburne was in Ireland and in his absence left Couchman, one of the witnesses, as his bailiff who was applied to by the owners or occupiers of the mill next above the Marish to scour the river there. Couchman, not knowing whether Lord Shelburne ought to scour it or not, applied to Mr. Welles, an attorney, & always lived in Wycombe, to be advised whether it was his Lordís duty to scoure or not, who told him it was & thereupon he got a team & actually plowed up the river for more easy throwing out the gravel etc. & therein applied one Weedonís team, then a farmer of the Lower Marish & many labourers, one whereof was Wye who lives in a cottage in question in the Marish and one of the horses of the said team had like to have been spoyled in plowing the river.

And further to prove plowing as above etc. & the accounts of Couchman & Earl Shelburn 1703. William Turner remembers to have heard that the Marsh (the first time without an I!) brook & baucks used to be maintained by Mr. Arthdale who was owner of Temple Wycombe Mannor before Lord Shelburne.

1720 8 incroachments at Lower Marish (but 13 names given) including George Woolard.
1727 Lower Marish 10 presentments of errections.
1728 James Woolard fined for erecting an additional building on the Lordís wast near the cottage lately by him erected on the Lordís wast at the Lower Marish.

Hatters Lane
Hatters Lane descending into the Wycombe valley.


Many other places are mentioned outwith the strip of land from Terriers to Loudwater. There are several references to Ockridge, St. Johnís Hospital & Priory and the mills on the River Wye. All others are listed alphabetically here in two categories:-
(1) Known sites and (2) Unidentified sites.

OKRIDGE This is Oakridge

1423 The tenant of Okridge fined 2d.
1556 The Dean & the College of Windsor failed topay a yearly rent of 16sh.8d. for a messuage & wood called Okeridge.
1576 Frederick Lord Windsor is a tenant and owes service for a tenement called White Litterfield near Ockridge and the Dean & Cannons of Windsor are tenants for Ockridge lands of rent of 10sh.6d.
1577 Frederick Lord Windsor for White Pitt? Field near Okeridge, the Dean & Canons of Windsor for Okeridge Land & Thos. Hailey for 3 acres in Okeridge.
( The Dean & Canons of Windsor owned land at Oakridge on the 1847 Tithe Map.)


1464 The master of St. Johnís Hospital is fined 2d.
1482 Robert Bardsey of Loakes Mannor died on June 17th 1482 and two water mills are listed with his property. It states ďThe said mills with their appurtenances held of the Priory of St.John of Jerusalem in England as of the Mannor of Temple---ď
1495 Richard Shirborn, Prior of the Hospital of St.John Jerusalem in England fined.
1506 A rental of Thos.Dokray, Prior of the Priory of St.John of Jerusalem in England in Wycombe for rents from Henry Dean of Kingswood & Wm.Shrimpton of Totteridge.
1523 A reference to the frankplege of Venerable Brother Thos.Wood, Prior of the Hospital of St.John of Jerusalem in England.
Thos.Dokenorey, clerk prior of the Priory of St.John of Jerusalem in England had died.


1607 The jury shall view the banks of Pann Mill, St.Johnís Mill (Temple Mill) & Ash Mill & shall place low? stakes where the water has overflown and everyone that shall penn? higher than the stakes shall forfeit 2sh.

ASH MILL 1586 Ash Mill is presented to be in this Mannor.
1617 Part of a watercourse which ought to run through a meadow lying near Ash Mill in possession of Wm.Hall is turned into the Kingís highway to the great damage etc.ótherefore itís ordered that unless the said Hall shall turne the water into itís old course again they fine him 10sh.

BOWDENS MILL 1727 Referred to re incroachments

GOSHAMS MILL 1626 Edward Sherwood hath continued built on the Lordís wast at the fulling mill called Goshams Mill between the millpond and the land late of Alice Jennings & is fined 2sh.

GOWES MILL 1506 Ye watercourse at the Marish near Gowes Mill has been obstructed in itís course by the default of Wm.Shrimpton which he is to remove by St.Georgeís day or to forfeit 20d.

KINGS MILL 1542 Geo.Landsdale hath levyed a new mill to the annoyance of the Kingís Mill. (As Bassetsbury Manor reverted to the crown in 1326 before its transfer to St.George Windsor in 1483, this reference could be to Bassetsbury Mill. In that case the new mill would be Rye Mill.)

LOUDWATER MILL This is referred to above in 1505,1626,1682,1720 & 1727.

PANN MILL 1495 The death of the tenant of Pann Mill is reported.
1498 Pann Mill to be descended to John Ware.
1539 John Ward (Ware?) has died having held the Mill at 35sh.yearly rent & Margarett his relict was to hold the same for her life.
1553 John Ware died seized of Pann Mill & his cousin Christopher Ware is his next heir----35sh.to the King.



1545 John Standish & several others ought to fill up a pit by them made in Crendon Lane by a time limited or to forfeit 12d.
1720 An incroachment in Courney Lane is mentioned. (N.B. In the Goodearl Title Deeds Crendon Lane is called Carney Lane in 1708 & Curnell Lane in 1710)


1546 A reference to land in Flackwell Heath.
1585 James Hill has built a tenement at Flackwell Heath.
1727 An incroachment at Flackwell Heath is mentioned.


This was the 3 acre arable field shown on the Tithe Map at Spring Gardens School including the pest house.
1536 Hugh Douel? died seized of one acre in the common field called Gooseacre.


1527 Edward Rose has overflocked his common at Iver Heath & is fined.


1727 An encroachment is mentioned.


1482 Robert Bardsey died on June 17th seized of the Mannor Loakes & 2 water mills with their appurtenances in Chepping Wycomb, 3 cottages being in Sy.Maryís St.
Edward Bardsey age 22 is the son & next heir.


      rental  Richard Penn for one meadow in the Marish called Rye Mead   1sh.10d.
              Christopher (Copland) for land in Rye Field                 (blank)

1577 The Dean & Chapter of Chichester----8 acres called Rei Fields & a wood called Rei Grove.


1536 Hugh Douel? has died seized inter alia of 5 acres of customary land lying between St.Johnís House & the way leading to Penn & of one acre in the common field called Goose Acre.

TILER END GREEN This must be Tylers Green.

1682 (Mrs.) Sexton, widdow, hath continued errected for the space of one month one cottage at Tiler End Green, therefore she is fined 2sh.
1720 & 1727 Incroachment in St.Johnís Wood---a brick kilne.



(This could be Ashridge, north of Berkhampstead. Alternatively it could possibly be Oakridge as Acer is Latin for oak, so Aceridge becomes Asheridge )
rentall  Richard Penn for a yard land in Little Asherdye (sic) & 9 acres in Great Asheridge 18sh.6d.
         Christopher (Copland) for 9 acres in Great Asheridge                                9sh. Ė
          Of the same for 11 acres in Little Asheridge                                       3sh.8d.


1613 Edward Winckles suffered the water to run along the Kingís Highway at Birdís House, therefore he is fined 12d.and ordered to amend it.
(N.B.Parkerís map shows Winckles Bridge across Oxford St.just east of Bowderyís Lane.)


1545 Wm.Sexton surrendered a messuage & yard land called Culverhouse.
(possibly in the Marsh)


1577 The Dean & Chapter of Chichester----2 Dellfields.


1425 Wm.Marthan died seized of a messuage etc. called Hatches.
1426 John Cliffe & Margery his wife are admitted to the copyland called Hatches.
1428 John Blackpool had carried away hay from Kings Mead and the tenant of Hatches is to speak to the Lord about it.
1586 Timothy Pyme has surrendered a messuage & one yard & half of land called Hatches upon Daws Hill.
(Could Hatches be Hanechedene unlocated in Phillimoreís Domesday Book but stated by Ashford to be at Winch Bottom?)


1582 A reference to Henry Dean & certain lands called Totteridge Hutts & Keenes.


1557 Thos.Widmer held two fields called Kitchen Field & Quarrey Field.


1542 Jurors are to set out bounds between the lands of Wm.Shrimpton & Thos.Gibbs at Longlands. (N.B. Longland was bishop of Lincoln from 1521)


1537 Enquiry whether certain trees in a wood abiding upon Nackott? Carried away by Thos.Balborrow were on the Lordís land or land of the Prince of England.


1577 A reference to Dean & Chapter of Chichester for Rothills Grove.


1526 The vicar of Chepping Wycombe had stopped a way in Wardrobe Fields and fined 2d.


1403 Robert totterugge has demised to Richard Keel a piece of land in White Field.
1562 rental John Littleboy for 3 acres in White Field 12d.
1583 John Hutchinson hath felled wood in Whitefield belonging to Totteridge and fined 5sh.


1494 John West a baker is presented to sell bread contrary to size.
1498 Wm.Russell a baker is presented for keeping a scolding harlot in his house to the annoyance of his neighbours and is ordered to put her away before 25th March next on paine of 10sh.
1528 Thos.Est, Constable, presents that the wife of Geo.Sawyer kept ill government in her inn. The bailiff is commanded to amove her before the feast of Pentecost next or to forfeit 10sh.
1545 That the inhabitants of the Mannor ought to repair the stocks on pain of 20d.
(Marginal note by clerkóNote the stocks used to stand in the middle of the Marish )
Ashford says the stocks were in Frogmore. Perhaps there were two sets.
1560 Christopher Pyme is to set out the lands the Lord of this Mannor holds & those of the Dean & Canons of Windsor.
1583 Hereís a presentment that bows and arrows are not kept as usual by the inhabitants.
1588 The Jurors present that there ought to be a payer (pair?) of butts within the Mannor which shall be sufficiently made before Witsontide next. (Note by clerk---ďThe butts are yet in the RyeĒ)

Totteridge Map

Original document in chronological order

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