Royal Air Force Abingdon Open Day.

15th June 1968

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the RAF.

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In 1968...
Orders received between 29th March and 3rd April for the Lockheed L1011 represent the largest ever combined civil aircraft contract with customers ordering 172 machines with a total value of £1075 million. Worth £179 million to Rolls Royce, it is the largest single export order gained by a British company so far.

Mr.James S. McDonnell, Chairman of McDonnell Douglas said that 'the great big majority of a large world market for our DC-10 type airplane remains'

Boeing announced the 747-300, a Pratt and Whitney powered trijet, based on a scaled down version of the 747, with deliveries beginning in early 1972.

The first flight of the Boeing 2707 supersonic transport has been postponed until early 1971. Concorde 002 is expected to fly in September.



Westland Lysander III. The Lysander began replacing the Hawker Hector in the army co-operation role in 1939. Withdrawn from front line service by late 1943, the type continued in use in various roles including as a target tug and air-sea rescue. Its short landing and take-off ability enabled it to supply resistance groups in occupied Europe. 1650 were built.


Auster T7. It was used by the RAF Antarctic Expedition of 1949-50


DH Devon C1.


Avro Anson. The type officially retires on the 28th June 1968, having entered RAF service in 1935 with Coastal Command. Over 11,000 were built in a production run lasting until 1952. It served with training and communications squadrons, and has been used by numerous other air forces and civilian operators.



Vought-Sikorsky Hoverfly I was, in 1944, the RAF's first type of helicopter.


Westland Dragonfly HC3. Painted to represent an HC2 used in Malaya.

In 1968...
In April an Anglo-French agreement was signed for the joint development of the Westland WG.13 (The Lynx) and Sud Aviation's SA340 (the Gazelle).

BAC and Breguet continue to jointly develop the Jaguar tactical support and advanced trainer following the production agreement for 400 signed by the British and French Governments.


Bristol Sycamore. One of the few remaining, serving with Metropolitan Communications. Squadron.


Westland Belvedere HC1. In service in the Far East.

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