Royal Air Force Abingdon Open Day.

15th June 1968

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the RAF.

The climax of the RAF's Golden Jubilee celebration was the Royal Review by the Queen at Abingdon on the 14th June 1968. The display was open to the public on the following day. The unique static display contained aircraft that had served with the RAF during the last 50 years. Preserved machines joined several types that were about to be withdrawn from service, along with examples of current equipment.

References are drawn from the 'RAF Golden Jubilee Souvenir Book', contemporary copies of 'Air Pictorial' magazine, which at the time cost half a crown, and various Putnam titles.

31 Jet Provosts opened the flying display.

The Bombers

The Fighters

Communications and Helicopters

Trainers and Transport